Tranquility, wellness and relaxation

Rent of an Apartment or a Cottage located directly at the Birksoe in the Soehoejland invites to tranquility, wellness and relaxation.

This is a chance to unwind in the lovely and quiet environment with a lot of wildlife. A relaxing calm atmosphere around the clock reigns here, that provides well-being for both body and soul.

The beauty, tranquility and peace can not be described. It has to be experienced. Based in Birkhede vacation rentals there are plenty of opportunities for fishing, walking/hiking and drives in the area.

It is possible to bring your own horse. There are field and stable. The area offers riding tours on Icelandic horses www.vengedalen.dk, rental of bicycles www.rycykler.dk and rental of canoes or kayaks www.kanoferie.dk

Our location is not far from Aarhus, Silkeborg, Skanderborg and Horsens.

Family & Friends
When you and your family or friends takes a break from a busy day, you can use Birkhede holiday houses for a relaxing weekend or holiday. You will have the opportunity to do relaxing activities and different cultural experiences in big and small cities in eastern Jutland.
Hikers & cyclists
As a hiker or a cyclist you can stay in Birkhede vacation rentals and have this place as a base for trips in Jutland. In the Soehoejland there are plenty of opportunities for interesting and pleasant hikes and bike rides.
Anglers & Rowers
Are you angling and need accommodation Birkhede vacation rentals is the right place. Here is plenty opportunities for fishing. It’s possible to fish from our Bridges or you can rent a Motor Boat if you want to go further out.You can buy fishing-license from us.